Intelligibility Enhancement (Accent Modification)

Individual Consultation

Does your accent interfere with how easily you are understood by others when you speak English? Swift Speech and Stuttering can help you to improve your ability to hear the difference between the sounds of Australian English, produce the sounds of Australian English and speak with the intonation/stress patterns of Australian English.

Dr Michelle Swift can offer a variety of methods to suit your accent modification needs. She is a Certified Compton PESL instructor and has also completed intelligibility enhancement training with Dr Helen Blake.

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Intelligibility Enhancement Classes

Swift Speech and Stuttering periodically runs a group class for people who want to increase their intelligibility by reducing their accents when speaking Australian English.

This class includes:

  • an assessment of your auditory discrimination, speech production and intonation patterns
  • an individualised program for your specific accent modification needs
  • mentoring by a speech pathology student
  • a free comprehensive report valued at $220
  • 14 hours of assessment and intelligibility enhancement classes
  • Over 65% off the standard price of Intelligibility Enhancement assessment and treatment.

Classes are 90 minutes in duration. Two class times are offered: a morning class from 9:00am–10:30am and a lunchtime class from 12:30pm–2pm.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 4 participants to provide individualised feedback and instruction.

The cost of attending the 8 weeks of intelligibility enhancement classes plus two individual assessment sessions is $990 (incl. GST).

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