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Swift Speech: Stuttering & Voice providing speech pathology services in Adelaide, and via telehealth Australia-wide, for stuttering, cluttering, voice, and speech sound disorders.

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Swift Speech — Let your voice soar

At Swift Speech, we take our inspiration from our namesake, the Common Swift (Apus Apus). The Common Swift has an “impairment” in its wings which limits the amount of manoeuvrability it can achieve, especially at slow speeds. It also has extremely small legs which prevents it from being able to take off from the ground if there are any obstacles nearby. Certainly these “impairments” are likely to be a frustration to the Swift that finds itself in a field of long grass, but these features allow the Swift to do things that no other bird can do: stay in continuous flight for up to 10 months at a time, and stand on vertical surfaces to use nesting sites other birds cannot access. If the Swift was not built this way, it wouldn't be able to achieve speeds of over 100 kph, it wouldn't be able stay airborne for months at a time, it wouldn't be safe from predators whilst nesting and it wouldn't be able to soar.

Our vision is that everyone who comes to Swift Speech will be supported to let your voice soar. Sometimes your speech difficulty (the “impairment”) can be changed; sometimes it cannot, but there is always potential to soar to new heights, to participate more fully not just “in spite of” but often “because of” the difficulties you have had with speaking. Let us join you on this journey. We would love to walk it with you.



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