What we stand for:

Our Mission

To be allies of people with stuttering, cluttering and those who want to work on their voice so that they can share their ideas with the world and live according to their values. Rainbow crayons with child drawing in background

Our Values

Partnership & Connection

We walk alongside our clients while supporting them in being their authentic selves. We provide genuine partnership; connecting with clients as people, and genuinely caring about their lives and their goals. 

Quality Service

Incorporating evidence-based practice, we aim to provide a quality tailored approach to therapy. Every individual is unique therefore every therapy approach should be unique. There is no ‘one size fits all’ at Swift Speech: Stuttering & Voice.


Our playful approach and creativity helps us support our clients to do more of what matters to them.


We value the importance of education and sharing knowledge. Education empowers other speech pathologists, clients, and families to change, advocate and make the best possible decisions to help themselves and their community.

Safety & Respect

We work to provide a safe and respectful environment for our clients and each other. We act with humility; acknowledging that our role is not to change anyone but to accept, coach, support and help others to move forward on their own journey.

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Suite 8, Abergeldie House
548 Portrush Road
Glen Osmond SA 5064

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